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*internal fangirl cries of happiness*

*whisper* once I get there im half way to 1000 after 4 years


snowydragons replied to your post: Oh. my. God. School starts tomorrow. S…

ayyy good luck!!!! it’s your senior year right?

Aaah thaaanks! ^-^ And yea! Last year then I’m done HS *fist pumps*

letitgoleviosa replied to your post: Oh. my. God. School starts tomorrow. S…

Good luck! Have fun :)

Thanks so much :) I’ll try!

Oh. my. God. School starts tomorrow. SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW

Project Disney | Week Three - Day One | Favorite Character

Some say our destiny is tied to the land, as much a part of us as we are of it. Others say fate is woven together like a cloth, so that one’s destiny intertwines with many others. It’s the one thing we search for, or fight to change. Some never find it. But there are some who are led.

  • new friends and followers!!
  • a fun place to talk about animation and ladies
  • reblogs of gifs/graphics/selfies, etc.
  • help with promos/awards/life
what we're looking for:
  • nice personality
  • quality posts
  • clean theme/url
  • gifs/graphic creator (not required)
additional info:
  • first 4 members will be chosen sept. 21st 
  • after that, new members will be added weekly
  • the network page is here.
  • any questions? go here. 
  • good luck!!